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To Tell the Truth

Standing alone against people who wanted me dead, people who had controlled me from infancy, I was terrified! My rescuer said, "You and Papa God are a majority. He is bigger than all of them!" Freedom was a battle that I had waged with the Lord since infancy, and I was finally free! Walk with me as I take you on a journey through my life...This journey will expose the evil of sex slavery, government-sponsored mind control, and the Illuminati's existence in our culture. You will see the effect this has had on millions of victims all over the world. You will see the effect of the torture and abuse victims suffer, how it affects this country, and how it is affecting you personally! I will expose ways you can protect yourself and be aware of the schemes of the enemy. Papa God is giving the church, and this country a call to action to stand and see the truth! Wake up, Church. Let's unite and destroy the enemy!

About Hope

Hope is a fierce freedom fighter, and advocate for truth! She is the author of To Tell the Truth, her own story of being set free from slavery. The founder of There is Freedom ministries. Hope educates, inspires, and motivates people to take a stand against sex slavery. 

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