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Hope Beryl-Green is a survivor of sex slavery. She was born into sex slavery until she was rescued at the age of 30. She is a passionate abolitionist exposing the deep darkness of the Illuminati sex slavery and mind control. With a bachelorate degree in Psychology, graduate experience in Human Relations, and a theology degree with ordination, Hope is dedicated to educate and empower all she meets to fight for justice and the end of slavery. She currently speaks at colleges, airports, TV, radio,
Supreme Court, church groups, and nonprofit organizations.

Hope gives people insight on how to recognize sex slavery, and what steps to take to help the victims. She also reveals the hidden agendas of the Illuminati, and their hold on this country. The knowledge she shares radically changes lives, and provides freedom to the captive. Hope currently resides in Nashville, TN with her husband. She is the founder of a nonprofit 5013c There is Freedom Ministries. Her book “To Tell the Truth” is available through Ingram Distribution, and can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, including any brick or mortal store that carries Ingram.

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